Group Rebates

The more, the merrier! Recruit your friends and register as a group to knock some dollars off your entry fee.

If your group includes

  • 6 to 14 members, each member receives a $5 rebate!
  • 15 or more members, each member receives a $10 rebate!

Please note that it doesn't matter what event your group members are signed up for - marathon, half or 8k.  Any combination that adds up to one of the above levels makes you eligible for the rebate.  However, Training Team members are not eligble for the group rebate.


To redeem your team rebate

  1. Each group member must redeem the rebate separately & will have 30 days after the event to do so.
  2. Redeem your team rebate here (link will be available after the November 15, 2014 event).
  3. On the next page, enter your first/last name & DOB exactly how it was entered during registration.
  4. After submitting your request for the group rebate, it will take 4-6 weeks for a refund to show on your credit card.

If you have not received the rebate within 4-6 weeks of submitting the form, please contact us at



When you register online you can elect to sign up as part of a group and qualify for the rebate.

Creating a Group: If you’re the first member of your group to register, choose the “Create a Group” option, then pick a group name and password. Once your group has been created, you will be able to invite others to join your group. When you do this, future group members will receive an email with a unique link to join your group – this will ensure that everyone selects the correct group. If someone wants to join your group but does not have this link, they can search for your group name and will be asked for your group password. New team members will need your group name and password to register without the link.

Joining a Group: To join a group you will need to have an invitation emailed to you from the group captain or the group name and password. The registration link emailed to you in the invitation will take you directly to the group’s registration page. If you do not have the link, choose the “Join an Existing Group” option and find your group then input the group password.

Yes, folks... it's that easy! Start rallying the troops now...

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